About OKAY.com

Why Hong Kong's Best Agents Are Joining OKAY.com

As a property agent, you work hard. But you probably could be achieving greater professional and financial success if you had:

  • More clients
  • One of Hong Kong's strongest property databases
  • Mobile access to properties/documents
  • Technology to give you an edge and better support your clients
  • A fun, collaborative environment

What We Provide:

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Mobile Office

All agents are able to access our proprietary property database from their mobile devices in real-time. It's a virtual office that lets you work from home, at a café, or on the road. This means you have the latest listings wherever you are, and allows you to respond to clients faster than the competition.

Work where you want while increasing your productivity.

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Administrative Support

We have a dedicated Agent Support team to find properties so that you have constant access to a large database of active listings. They also provide full administrative support to assist you with land searches, company searches, utilities connections and other parts of the process.

More time to focus on your clients = greater success.

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Transportation Support

OKAY.com has full-time car and driver services for client viewings. We also provide a generous transportation allowance to cover most (or all) of your transportation costs. If it helps you better serve your clients, it's the right thing to do.

We're partners in providing great service to your clients.

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Maximum Listing Visibility

Our user-friendly technology uploads listings to our website and all key portals with the click of a button. We give you maximum exposure and lead generating abilities in a fast and effective manner. And the best part is that leads you generate from your listings go directly to you as the Listing Agent*. You found the listing, you get the lead.

We reward you for your work in a clear and transparent way.

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A Team That Support You

When you join, you’re not simply left to "figure things out" on your own. We have a Team Leader and Mentorship structure that ensures someone is there to help you learn how to use our platform, maximize your opportunities, and best support your clients.

When people work as team, great things happen.

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Highly Attractive Compensation Packages

Our commissions are among the highest in the industry. We do this to attract and retain the best professionals in the market, and because we believe that people who are rewarded for their work are happier professionally and personally. It gives you the ability to service your clients better and to focus on the client relationship, not on merely "closing a deal".

We view you as a partner, not an employee.

We are different to most agencies in Hong Kong, that generally follow one of two models:

1. Full-time Employees: Agents are seen as employees, with (typically low) base salaries, low commissions, quotas on listings to add to databases, and penalties if they don't hit targets.

2. "Freelance” Agents: Agencies offering high commissions and no base salary, a limited or no property database, no customer service support, no administrative support, and no transportation or marketing resources.

At OKAY.com, we understand that everybody has a different personal situation, and we believe that one's desire to have a base salary, or to instead have higher commissions and flexibility with your time doesn't signal an agent's professionalism.

Some of the most highly successful and respected real estate agents in the world choose not to have a base salary, and prefer to have the flexibility to, for example, pick their children up from school every day.

We offer two types of compensation packages:

1. Base Salary + Commission Structure
2. Commission-Focused Structure

Regardless of what benefit package you choose, you have full mobile access to our database, agent support team, marketing and transportation resources. Many of our agents start with a base salary, and quickly choose to move to a commission-only package once they see that we provide far more support and resources than typical "freelance" agencies.


If you're looking for stability and security, we offer highly competitive salaries based on your experience, with a commission bar system that is assessed quarterly.

  • Commissions start at 20% then immediately increase to 35% once you exceed a bar of 5x your quarterly salary during that quarter.
  • MPF
  • Participation in the Company Health Insurance policy
  • Commissions are paid monthly once they are received by the Company. We don't believe in withholding commissions and remit them on a timely basis.
  • No penalties or reductions in base salary (i.e. from missed quotas).


With the commission-focused structure, you become a true business partner, sharing equally in the revenues and ultimately making more for your efforts. Importantly, everyone (regardless of your package having a base salary or not) has access to all the same great tools, support and resources in order to create your own brand and succeed.

  • Attractive 50% commission
  • Mobile access to a significant database of direct owners
  • Mobile access to our online tools
  • Large customer service team here to support your success
  • Transportation allowance
  • Marketing resources including equal inclusion of listings in emails, print media and online marketing channels
  • Equal priority in the routing of prospective clients


We also believe that everyone – agents and clients – benefits by having more information. And we're willing to pay for it. We have a unique structure that gives agents significant rewards for sharing information and finding listings – up to 10% of the entire commission amount. Note that this is a direct commission - you receive the full 10% of the revenue received by the Company, not a small percentage of this 10%.

And if you're the agent who completes a transaction on another agent's listing, there is no deduction or "splitting" of your commission – you earned it.

This sharing of market information not only effectively promotes teamwork and eliminates unhealthy internal competition, but benefits everyone:

  • Apartment owners get maximum exposure when they are leasing or selling their property.
  • Tenants and purchasers have a greater selection of properties to choose from.
  • Benefits and protects agents' relationships with the landlord/owner.
  • Agents helping clients to lease/purchase have a larger selection of properties to select from.

We're committed to providing a great platform and support for every real estate professional, while holding all our people to the highest standards of EAA compliance and excellence in service.

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* Terms and terminology are for reference only and are subject to contract.